Discover How to Cut Down Your Bookkeeping Expenses by 60%

Discover How to Cut Down Your Bookkeeping Expenses by 60

Have you ever considered playing online stress-buster games to relieve tension? These games are highly popular, with millions of fans worldwide. The objective of these games is to help players alleviate stress by engaging in various activities.

One such game involves hitting the screen with a hammer. The screen can represent anything or anyone that causes you stress, be it your boss, ex, neighbor, or morning traffic. By striking the screen hard, you can release your anger and frustration.

While stress-buster games can help reduce your tension, managing your small business’s bookkeeping can be a significant cause of stress. There are typically three ways to handle bookkeeping

  • doing it yourself,
  • delegating it to an admin,
  • hiring an in-house bookkeeper.

    Unfortunately, each of these options can cause considerable stress.

When you manage the bookkeeping yourself, you spend a significant amount of time counting numbers, which takes away from meeting clients and growing your business. Similarly, delegating the task to an admin can lead to inaccurate accounting, increasing the risk of submitting improper account books. Appointing an in-house bookkeeper is a costly option, requiring hiring and training, setting up computers and accounting software, and office space, among other necessary facilities.

These expenses can add up and drain your resources. For instance, an in-house bookkeeper’s salary can cost you a fortune, coupled with other expenses, resulting in a significant portion of your income going towards bookkeeping. So, how can you reduce these expenses and free up resources?

Say Hello To “outsourcing”

The solution is outsourcing bookkeeping services, which can reduce costs by up to 60% or more. By outsourcing, you benefit from the facilities already in place, which saves you a lot of money on overhead costs. In addition to cost savings, outsourcing bookkeeping frees up time, space, and other resources, making it a simple and effective solution to enjoy significant benefits at reduced costs.

Integra offers outsourcing bookkeeping services that are simple and cost-effective, with a team of bookkeeping professionals to guide you through the entire process. By outsourcing bookkeeping, you can put down the hammer and lead a stress-free business life.

Have you found this post helpful? How do you manage your bookkeeping, and does it cause you a lot of stress? Please share your comments below.

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