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CheaperTeam is an innovative outsourcing company with offices in 4 countries.

We recruit and accommodate exceptionally skilled employees in our offices, ensuring they deliver productivity levels equivalent to those based in the US.

Our objective is to provide motivated and high-quality employees while maintaining cost efficiency for your business.

Our tailored style of doing business allows flexibility for our clients. We are able to vet and source employees for almost any industry.

What We Do


invoicing & payments


application processing

Medical Billing

Medical billing




project management

Property Management

property management


email management


product listing



US Employee

Full Onboarding Process



In-Office Management



In-Office Medical Doctor



Full IT Support



HR Coverage



Team Building Activities (Parties, Retreats)



Why CheaperTeam

Did you know?

You can hire amazing full-time employees
for around $22,000 USD per year.

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How it works

Let Us Find The Right Employees For Your Needs

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We create a tailored pool of candidates just for you. You get us the requirements, we get to work.

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We have pre-recorded the interview of each candidate, so you can view them at any time and get a feel.

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You like someone, you hire them. They are available to get started ASAP and work American hours!

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We create a tailored pool of candidates just for you. You get us the requirements, we get to work.
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We have pre-recorded the interview of each candidate, so you can view them at any time and get a feel.
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You like someone, you hire them. They are available to get started ASAP and work American hours!



As the CEO of Cheaperteam, Jack is the driving force behind the company’s growth. He oversees all things in the life of the company, like management, operations, expansions to new countries, marketing, and so much more. Jack is a visionary leader who is highly skilled in managing company operations. He represents effective leadership and management skills by demonstrating composure and building strong relationships.

After graduating magna cum laude from Queens College, Jack spent three years as a Loan Officer where he helped close over $100M in financing. As a highly experienced BPO specialist, Jack led Cheaperteam to become a globally recognized outsourcing agency with offices in five countries.

Quote from Jack: "Find Solutions, Not Problems."


In addition to being a University Business Law lecturer, Erbi serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Cheaperteam. As COO, Erbi works closely with the CEO and offers a blend of skills like leadership, strategy, and execution. He drives the company toward its vision by embracing the challenges of daily and long-term operations, ensuring that everyone and everything is aligned for the success of the team, clients and partners.

Erbi strives to be a proactive problem solver and values the intuition and preparedness to always have a solution ready to any potential problems that may arise in a business setting. He is sure that teamwork and inter-departmental cooperation can provide the best service and support to the company’s partners and clients.

Erbi holds a degree in International Relations and Political Science, as well as a graduate degree in Law and a postgraduate master’s level degree in Corporate and Commercial International Legal Practice. He has lived in three countries and speaks five languages.


Until 2020, Kelly’s professional journey consisted of seasonal roles such as Customer Service Representative and Tourism Manager. However, she found her true calling when she joined Cheaperteam as a Customer Success Manager for a prominent IT firm in New Jersey. She felt an instant connection with Cheaperteam’s mission, compelling her to be part of the company’s journey, which led to her role as the Head of Human Resources.

Guided by the company’s values and supportive team, Kelly embraces each challenge as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. She accepts each day with fresh responsibilities, challenges and opportunities as a chance to craft new strategies, gain fresh perspectives, and forge meaningful connections.

With a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance, Kelly brings expertise in employer branding, talent management, data-driven decision-making, cultural transformation, leadership development, and HR technology. Her empathetic, innovative, collaborative, resilient, and passionate nature defines her approach to work.

Note from Kelly: “Together, we've navigated uncharted territories, overcome obstacles, and celebrated victories, all while fostering a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and kindness.”

Alex manages the Mexico City office by working side by side with the Recruitment and HR teams. He assures the clients receive a pleasant experience with top of the line and experienced agents, as well as a smooth onboarding and hiring process.

With 12 years of BPO/Call Center experience in multiple areas like operation management, recruiting and coordinating, Alex has great interpersonal skills, is very friendly, and believes in the joy of gaining and sharing knowledge at the same time.

Quote from Alex: “Everyone is a victim of their own success!”


As General Manager of Cheaperteam Kosovo, Qendrim is a versatile finance professional with skilled experience in financial modeling, data analysis, investment and risk assessment. He holds an MA in Financial Economics and a BA in Business Administration. He has over a year of experience in outsourcing for U.S. clients in addition to his prior experience in investment and risk within Kosovo’s largest banks and investment funds.

Qendrim is enthusiastic about utilizing his skills to assist organizations in making well-informed decisions, attaining profitability, and effectively managing risks.

Fun Fact: Qendrim received the Central Bank of Kosovo's Young Economist of the Year 2020 award and holds a certificate in Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst from the Corporate Finance Institute.


Thano started as an iOS and web developer before transitioning into project management. In this role, he successfully led a team in developing and launching a fintech product for the U.S. market. When an outsourcing opportunity presented itself, Thano became one of the first five employees of Cheaperteam, taking on the role of CEO and General Manager of the company’s subsidiary in Albania.

Now overseeing business administration and executive duties, Thano manages daily operations, prioritizes employee well-being, and explores growth opportunities within the country.

Thano has a BS in Computer Science and believes that with hard work, leisure is well deserved. He is known for his extroverted and fun personality, enjoying activities such as F1, boxing, and collecting unique items.


Irina specializes in financial analysis. She utilizes advanced tools and techniques to identify trends, risks, and improvement opportunities. By providing valuable insights for strategic planning and goal attainment, she has successfully supported organizations in making informed business decisions and optimizing financial performance.

Irina is highly proficient in accounting software and advanced Excel functions for data analysis and reporting, and is skilled in communicating complex financial concepts clearly to non-financial stakeholders.

Prior to her years of experience in the accounting and financing industry, Irina obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree from CIT in Accounting and Finance. She is passionate about helping organizations achieve their financial goals through accurate and timely financial information, supporting decision-making, and maintaining integrity and compliance.


Malvina was one of Cheaperteam’s first employees and is currently the company’s Recruitment Assistant in Albania. Malvina holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and notes some of her strongest traits are communication and diplomacy. Malvina considers herself very honest, loyal, patient, empathetic, ambitious, creative, and flexible.


Luis manages the HR and Finance departments in the Cheaperteam Mexico City office. He oversees every aspect of the employment process, including orientation training for new staff members.

Luis has nine years of BPO/Call Center experience, working as a customer service representative, operations manager, and sales manager. Luis likes to think of himself as a people person. Being very experienced in the field of outsourcing, he is passionate about his work and believes he is loyal to his job and his coworkers.

artan karaj

Artan is a web developer with a background in crafting digital experiences for over six years. He graduated college with degrees in Informatic Technology and Marketing. Artan stands out due to his genuine passion for tackling challenges head-on and relentless drive to innovate.

He is a problem solver who approaches every task with enthusiasm and love, always being on the lookout for new technologies and market trends to stay ahead of the curve. As a web developer, he presents creativity and expertise to ensure that every project exceeds expectations.

As a web developer, he presents creativity and expertise to ensure that every project exceeds expectations.


Let us Save You Time and Money

US Employee:

$74,738/year (Average US Salary)



What will you spend this on?

  • Finally visit Europe.
  • Get that dream car.
  • Give yourself a raise.
  • Get your wife that bag.
  • Donate more.


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