Outsourcing Social Media Specialist

Outsourcing Social Media Specialist

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most effective tools when it comes to outsourcing information technology for your business. That is why it has been an effective move to outsource a Social Media Specialist in building company website’s online media presence. Making them stay ahead of the competition while making connection to the community.

Driving traffic on your website does not rely on the contents alone. Thus, making it visible and go viral in different social media sites should be considered. This is the part where a social media specialist is needed. A perfect candidate should know the past, present and future social media phenomenon and how to adapt to it. A social media specialist should always know the trend to post and how interaction begins. Updating status or sending promotional tweets are not enough, they should also know how to engage and interact with the users producing traffic to your website.

Some effective social media specialists that you might want to consider in outsourcing your website’s social media presence

Social Media Coordinator: The enthusiast, most probably familiar with different SNS platforms. Responsible for creating and managing presence from different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social blogging forums to its fullest success. Should be able to educate and communicate with users and followers. Should participate in many ways as to interaction becomes very important in building trust and credibility. Responsible for posting updated contents and make sure that it is properly published in all platforms.

Social Media as a Public Relations Manager: The spokesperson. They have strong written and presentation skills for both internal and external networks. Develop social media and public relation strategies that can build networks for the company and the public based on the target market. Their primary role is to write content for SEO purposes and producing campaigns that are effective. Should be effective in terms of understanding produced optimized contents that leads to website’s interaction and visibility. Can provide corporate social responsibility for the business and manage special events that can introduce products and services of the company. Should also have knowledge in crisis management in terms of the legalities or other concerns posted in company’s social media.

Social Media as a Media Production Manager: The artist. The primary role is to produce a creative and interactive output that cannot only attract visitors but also engage them in the online published creations. Has knowledge about Digital Marketing all throughout the digital production processes including creating audio-visual presentations, photo editing, creative digital designs, interesting polls and contests based on the contents provided.

Social Media as an Advertising Specialist: The campaign manager. Part of the marketing department handling and developing the advertising and marketing strategies. Know how to run campaign ads and create social media advertising plans. Know how to plan strategically for brand management and creative development just like researching tools and evaluating it after as a communication process. Also have powerful negotiation skills when it comes to advising and directly negotiating about company’s services. Establish connections with potential clients or consumers and partners of the company in different promotional ways like telemarketing, email blasting, personal messaging or post commenting made in the social media platforms.

Social Media as an Analyst: The account manager, understand the business audience. Primary role is to monitor trends, interpret data and develop solution in building audiences. Make connection about account or page’s statistics and translating it to measuring campaign’s success and branding. Know the analytics of the account including retweets, viral marketing, people talking about this, +1s, etc. Knowing the return of investment or (ROI) if it is effective or not through the engagements of the audience and your account. Constantly monitors these analytics and provide adjustments for the interactions. Then provide reports and insights about the development of created social media presence.

Based on the list you can’t find that “jack of all traits” when outsourcing a social media specialist, but make sure that you chose not the “master of none”. What traits from this list should you focus more? Explore the possibilities of hiring someone that can be an asset rather than a liability of the company. And for those who are looking forward to be a social media specialist, make sure that you can combine some types from the list that can make you stand out. Show the edge of your style among the others.

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