7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Customer Support Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Outsourcing Customer Support

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business landscape, executives often face challenging decisions when it comes to their customer support strategies. One of the most significant choices they encounter is whether to outsource customer support or keep it in-house.

Both options present advantages. In-house solutions allow for closer management of day-to-day support processes, which can be beneficial for certain businesses, particularly smaller ones that don’t require an expanded workforce to handle customer issues.

Nevertheless, there are numerous compelling reasons why outsourcing customer support should be seriously considered as the superior choice. This article will explore seven critical factors that should be taken into account when determining the ideal customer support solution for your company. Let’s delve into the details!

1- Cost-Effectiveness

Numerous businesses have discovered that entrusting their customer support operations to a third-party vendor leads to substantial cost savings annually. When you consider the details, it becomes apparent why this is the case. Outsourced customer support vendors possess:

  • The essential infrastructure to effectively address the majority, if not all, of a client’s customer support requirements.
  • Trained personnel readily available to provide comprehensive coverage.
  • Streamlined processes that optimize efficiency and minimize the need for trial and error.

Choosing to implement an in-house solution for customer support would inevitably demand substantial investments of time, money, and resources. Conversely, opting for the outsourced option allows businesses to circumvent these significant costs and burdens.

2- Enhanced Scalability

In addition to being cost-effective, outsourcing customer support provides the advantage of easily scaling operations to align with current and projected business needs. Let’s consider a scenario where a company anticipates a 50% increase in call volume during peak season. If the company relies on an in-house solution, the realistic options to meet this demand would be limited:

  • The company could choose to maintain its existing customer support workforce, potentially leading to frustrations and alienation among its consumer base.
  • Alternatively, the company could hire additional staff and expand its infrastructure, incurring substantial costs in the process.

    However, by opting for an outsourced solution, you can eliminate the concerns associated with scaling support operations independently. A reputable third-party vendor, equipped with the necessary resources and experience, will take care of the heavy lifting on your behalf.

3- Access to Expertise

Training plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of any customer support strategy. It is essential for agents to possess the technical expertise to navigate company software and provide effective solutions to customers. Simultaneously, they must adhere to best practices in customer service to deliver an exceptional experience that fosters customer loyalty.

Developing a workforce of specialized agents necessitates a significant investment from the employer. If you choose to handle training internally, you may encounter substantial challenges during the growth process, along with potential distractions from your company’s core mission. Conversely, partnering with a third-party vendor allows you to reap the benefits of a highly specialized workforce without bearing the upfront costs. This presents a significant advantage for your business.

4- Advanced Technology and Processes

Reputable third-party vendors for customer support recognize the significance of meeting and surpassing customer expectations. Research indicates that nearly 60% of customers contacting support centers are unwilling to endure hold times exceeding one minute. Consequently, a top-tier customer support vendor establishes effective processes to minimize average wait time (AWT). This may involve dedicated QA auditors who provide guidance to agents on reducing “dead time” between calls.

Furthermore, such vendors leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency. For instance, they utilize intuitive data capture software to document pertinent information from each customer interaction. By combining functional technology with streamlined processes, these vendors can deliver an unparalleled customer support solution to their clients.

5- Ability to Focus on Core Competencies

Regardless of the industry you operate in, customers are crucial to the success of your business. However, customer support may not align with your company’s core competencies. For instance, manufacturing firms excel at production, not necessarily handling customer complaints.

The advantage of outsourcing customer support is that it allows you to concentrate on what your company does best, without compromising customer satisfaction. What’s more, this can be achieved without a significant upfront investment of resources.

6- Increased Revenue

Customer experience has become a pivotal battleground in the corporate world. Research indicates that 84% of companies that prioritize improving customer experience observe a subsequent increase in revenue. Conversely, businesses that overlook or neglect customer experience lag behind their competitors.

The truth is, many customers prioritize how a company treats them as the primary factor in deciding whether to make future purchases, rather than solely focusing on product quality or pricing. If you aspire to boost your company’s profitability, it is essential to give due importance to customer support. An outsourced solution can assist you in achieving precisely that.

7- Enhanced Customer Loyalty

When you collaborate with customer support experts, you also foster a greater sense of loyalty among your customer base. A noteworthy study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that the Customer Effort Score (CES) is the most influential indicator of future customer behavior. In other words, the easier a transaction is for a customer, the more likely they are to engage in repeat business with the company.

By leveraging outsourced support to eliminate friction points in customer interactions, you can establish trust and confidence among your users. Consequently, you will cultivate a more loyal customer base and experience a higher volume of repeat transactions.

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