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The Perfect Culture Fit: Growing Your Company Through The CheaperTeam Experience

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You can hire amazing full-time employees for approximately $15,000 per year.

CheaperTeam is a European-based outsourcing company with headquarters situated in New York. Their objective is to provide top-tier, highly reputable, and professional employees to grow your business. Offering signature world-class service, CheaperTeam will assist you in creating and building an accomplished team by introducing you to remote staff. Unique in concept, they were created and are run by entrepreneurs with the objective of giving other companies access to affordable staff. At CheaperTeam, every prospective employee is meticulously screened and vetted to bring you the most qualified, hardest working individuals and to accommodate the needs of your business in every capacity.

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“Our boutique style of doing business allows flexibility for our clients,” said Jack Lamm, founder and CEP of CheaperTeam. “We are able to vet and source employees for almost any industry. Our staff is comprised of data entry specialists, medical billers, interior designers, bank office employees, and virtually any position that can be executed remotely. We find you amazing employees who cost 80% less than U.S. equivalents.”

Outsourcing has become one of the main pillars of a growth strategy, not only for startups but also for companies that vary between small- and medium-sized to big ones. Hence, every founder with a purpose-driven vision has to consider outsizing as the strategy that would help them achieve expectations and stay dynamic in the ever-evolving business world.

Jack Lamm is a man with a vision. Blessed with a keen business acumen, the young entrepreneur had traveled to Albania several years ago to launch a new endeavor. Impressed by the work ethic of his Albanian colleagues, he dared to tread where no one had before—to offer frum business owners the opportunity to grow their companies by hiring Albanian employees, for a fraction of the cost of hiring their American counterparts. Thus was CheaperTeam created.

“CheaperTeam provides the necessary remote personnel to facilitate the duties of your staff. We connect you with talented individuals who have excellent English skills and a solid command of the remote working fields, such as sales, operations, customer support, finance, programming, creative, and more. No matter what type of business you have, you’ll find every candidate we send you to be a perfect culture fit,” Jack shared. “They are highly intelligent, college-educated individuals with a strong work ethic. They are heavily influenced by Western culture. As a result, you’ll probably have a great deal in common with your Eastern European colleagues.”

Indeed, Albania has gained tremendous popularity as a European outsourcing center. Due to its affinity with Western Europe and for many other crucial reasons, the country attracts many businesses and activities. Currently, Albania is among the emerging destinations in the global landscape for the provision of offshore services.”

We’d like to give you a peek into the culture and value system of the consummate professionals who comprise CheaperTeam, the employees who will help catapult your business efficiently and with integrity. Gentle and peace-loving, the Albanian people regard religious tolerance as one of the most important values in their tradition.

“Besa”—“to keep the tradition”—is the Albanian code of honor and a major component of Albanian culture. It is among the highest and most important concepts of their tradition, with a moral and ethical connotation. The term contains the given word of keeping a promise or an obligation and the guaranteed agreement among honorable men.

Most notably, Besa means taking care of those in need and being gracious to every person. During the Holocaust, Albania saved and protected nearly 2,000 Jews. Rather than hiding them in attics or in the woods, Albanians clothed them, gave them Albanian names, and treated them as beloved family members.

Benevolent and compassionate, Albania is one of the rare European nations where religious prejudice and discrimination is virtually nonexistent today.

Moreover, Albania was the only country during the Holocaust in Europe that welcomed us and where Jewish population experienced growth. After the mass emigration to Israel following the fall of the Communist regime, only 200 Albanian Jews remain in the country today. In 2010, Hechal Shlomo, began providing services for the Jewish community in Tirana.

CheaperTeam offers employees with technical competence, responsibility, enthusiasm, and excellent language skills. They are college-educated, young, motivated, and multilingual specialists. CheaperTeam members are open-minded, have excellent intercultural skills, and value international culture. Additionally, the company’s team includes bilingual English and Spanish speaking professionals. Trust CheaperTeam to provide you with a dream team that will be an asset to your company and help propel it to success.

As an industry leader, Jack has his finger on the pulse of business and technology, on a never-ending quest to expand and evolve. Raised in Far Rockaway, he and his wife live in Cedarhurst with their family and are an integral part of the fabric of our community. With the launch of the new CheaperTeam office in Hewlett, he is offering a plethora of exciting job opportunities in sales for qualified and dynamic individuals.

“We are proud of what we built and excited to be able to help all the businesses in the community,” Jack told the 5TJT. “We’re living in a time where it’s very hard to find good employees and it takes a long time for most companies in an expensive and laborious process. We’re super happy to be able to fill this niche where we can deliver employees in 24–48 hours instead of weeks or months and at a cost that makes growing and saving all the more beneficial.”

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